WIN Work Ready Certification
The Work Ready Initiative is a program to provide assessment and instructional services to those needing employability skill development for the purpose of job placement. This initiative uses the WIN system as the standard credentialing method leading to a Career Work Ready Certificate. The program administers assessments in three skill areas: Work Ready Reading, Work Ready Math and Work Ready Data.

Certification may be obtained at the following levels:
• WRC Level 3 scores in all skill areas
• WRC Level 4 scores in all skill areas
• WRC Level 5 scores in all skill areas

The WIN Work Ready Initiative may be offered in conjunction with a partner agency, such as the SC Department of Employment and Workforce (One Stop) or Vocational Rehabilitation. The certificate program is also available to the general public. In either case, adult education provides assessment and/or skill enhancement classes to participants.

WIN Work Ready Testing Policy and Schedule

WIN Work Ready Certification Test Schedule
If you desire to take the WIN Work Ready Assessement contact the College and Career Naviagtor (CCN) or the front desk to sign up. Students should allow about four hours to complete the test. Must be registered by Monday the week of testing.

Morning Session- Every Wednesday  (begins promptly at 7:45 a.m.)
Evening Session – Every Tuesday  (begins promptly at 4:45 p.m.)

Student Data Forms
Students must complete the following documents in class. Appendixes A-D, H
Personal Data Form
Consent Form
Student Contract
Student Goal Sheets
Student Acknowledgement Form